Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hasn't the time gone quickly?
I dint realize the time had passed so quickly n its already november.
Ppl say- Pleasant hours fly fast. Izzit true?
Yea, I wish the holiday would be longer.
Also the time when i playing computer...
LOL I dont want those assignments under my feet while i jz starting a chat
with my coursemate n oldfriends.
Also I prefer the time while i having dinner with my family 'every weekend'
It is sweet n happy :)

When I get home I like to collapse on the sofa and listen to music.
I would like to go for shopping if time permits.
N save enough money to buy new clothes n spend for 'game LOL

Haiz since i enter The One Academy,
It was the end of all my hopes and dreams.
Is it worth?
I am tired.

Did i choose the right 1?
Maybe (i can do it)
No (i starting to realize that I shud go into interior design:( )