Thursday, April 30, 2009

When being boring...

when i beh tahan boring...
tis afternoon...
i went to sunway pyramid to take a stupid'' walk..
So sad...
i...inadvertently'' hurt my wallet...
I...(how come) [1] Step.... into... F.O.S & Giordano shop
LOL...( what kind of clothes is 'good- looking' on me..
my body lah wei..LOL just kidding..
im too...BOSAN
left 1 week holiday...wat can i do?

Monday, April 27, 2009

What did i did last week?

Sem break !
which i expect n wish to havTT long time ago
bcoz..i hav ady wasted n done my the past several months
I nid to hv a rest very much...
(im scared...those 'pile' of assignments)
Hahas :(
but...everything is not as 1 wishes...
I'm very boring...mushrooms growing on my head LOL
I hv plyed on9 games...but it doesnt 'welcome' a old man lol

In da car.
Now, d only things tat i can do is...take pic(self)
acting cool= =

okayz, (the stream flows through)
[represented time in chinese]
today is 23/4
my buddy..kai xuan's bday
the 1st sentence tat i told him :
"u're grown since the last time i noe u!" LOL
not enuf: )
LUNCH (sakae sushi)
shh...we like to show off n take
some words hidden in this pic...find it out!

i smile vry unnaturally lol

someone asked me DONT JUMP!'

im lost...

Petronas Twins Towers
a fashion catwalk show hold inside KLCC..
(philosophy & salabiance)

stage design..

i like the 1st group model..who wearing stewardess' uniform


yummy...i like cheese cake

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My concert poster design for Computer Graphic Design..

A...itz not easy to gt a 'A' in the one, u know?
u know?
u duno...
Presentation Dayz

cute CC all the best in penang^^

Figure class

Drawing class