Monday, March 15, 2010


= (

I wanted to travel and then continue with my works.
Dream will always come true?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New year

Happy New Year everyone : D

all the best in 2010.

Next year gonna be a good Year

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hasn't the time gone quickly?
I dint realize the time had passed so quickly n its already november.
Ppl say- Pleasant hours fly fast. Izzit true?
Yea, I wish the holiday would be longer.
Also the time when i playing computer...
LOL I dont want those assignments under my feet while i jz starting a chat
with my coursemate n oldfriends.
Also I prefer the time while i having dinner with my family 'every weekend'
It is sweet n happy :)

When I get home I like to collapse on the sofa and listen to music.
I would like to go for shopping if time permits.
N save enough money to buy new clothes n spend for 'game LOL

Haiz since i enter The One Academy,
It was the end of all my hopes and dreams.
Is it worth?
I am tired.

Did i choose the right 1?
Maybe (i can do it)
No (i starting to realize that I shud go into interior design:( )

Sunday, September 6, 2009

有些话 真的不需要说出口

还记得 有一天晚上
我 亲着你的额头 说
你自己要好好想想噢 不烦你了 take ur time.



其实 和朋友搭公共交通的那一晚
我都没睡 没干什么



其实 被一个普通的销货员 骂

那下午 我其实迷路了

不敢 也没主动去问路人
瞎 又来
我下错站 一个18年来 都没去过的地方


想 你一定肚子饿
可 来不及回到刚刚迷路看到的那一摊


一封简讯 里头写着



其实 我只想
让你多睡一会儿 没其他

你也记得乖的俊南 在心里
有默默地 为对方许愿吧?

已忘记 我已经一个多月都没逼你改想法 的你


一向来 笑着流泪的我
问自己 一个冷笑话
床上 多了一滩水迹

你们猜吧 : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Sorrow In Happiness

There has been a lot of things happen over these eight months.
seems to become older n older...:(
Things which I studied in these past few months are even more than five years ago.
the total time of "LAUGH?SMILE?" is more than last year /even...
maybe more than the 'total. of few year'
when can i listen tis...
i miss u guy's voice...really? YA

Especially the 8 person :D

It sounds as though i had a good time...
but ...

I spent what little time I had with my family.
I think I am very unfair to them.
I've gt a horrible feeling...
I lied to them.
I love u...hahas
cry? nope
IM liar :( i did it few times adi
I appreaciate all you did for me...

"Today mother has not blamed me for anything
she do the same things week after week
she may get bored...n start to complain
what she do? ...why?
need to pay a toll
cramping her hands n legs...(sumthing wrong with her hand n foot for years)
wasting time n take somethings that i left at home for me
from KL to subang...few times only?
Nope...have even more frequency than the instant noodles that i ate.

I always pretend not to notice her face expression
sorry.. i gt alot of assignments n project to fight'
mom..i promised u
i will be home soon..very soon

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


hey, long time no see :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How am I?

We were very unhappy for somethings during the past few days
even felt tat called "impossible"
anyway, we must work hard for the next round.
make ... banjir...becoz of 'GAN DONG' haha
TRY YOUR BEST, (lamlam...overcome ur shyness!)
-2nd week of JUNE-
I hav no enough time to slp in this whole week
I spent 90% of my time to do assignments...RUSH
My fav maxim "Why walk when you can run?"
Now i knew d answer...bcoz im tired...i need to rest
Could it be said tat YOU r not?
What is the points for chasing our dream n 'wat we like to do'
IT killing my health
no more energy for the next day.
Wat i saw among my classmate included myself...

One's eyes grew bloodshot,
The back is painful,
Limbs r 'cramping'

Becareful when u drive
take LRT,

this blog is more point to my classmate:)
coursemate maybe :)

think about it...especially YOU
NO suffer no success