Thursday, June 11, 2009

How am I?

We were very unhappy for somethings during the past few days
even felt tat called "impossible"
anyway, we must work hard for the next round.
make ... banjir...becoz of 'GAN DONG' haha
TRY YOUR BEST, (lamlam...overcome ur shyness!)
-2nd week of JUNE-
I hav no enough time to slp in this whole week
I spent 90% of my time to do assignments...RUSH
My fav maxim "Why walk when you can run?"
Now i knew d answer...bcoz im tired...i need to rest
Could it be said tat YOU r not?
What is the points for chasing our dream n 'wat we like to do'
IT killing my health
no more energy for the next day.
Wat i saw among my classmate included myself...

One's eyes grew bloodshot,
The back is painful,
Limbs r 'cramping'

Becareful when u drive
take LRT,

this blog is more point to my classmate:)
coursemate maybe :)

think about it...especially YOU
NO suffer no success


  1. there can be a compromise mah! as we go on, we'll get more experienced and be able to work faster yet producing same/better results. then can have more rest lor. anyways, just imagine, if this is what you've always loved and desired to do, imagine giving it up and spending the rest of your life doing something else. =(

    haha and don't sad face la, you can do it 1! no need so shy! you'll overcome it ^^. lol super cheung heiiiiii (talking about myself).

  2. ya, agree! no health, den everything gone. not even think abt it.

  3. tat 'YOU" not some1 ya IT*

  4. lam. i will still love u.. LOL.. suddenly..

  5. hohoho im stil OK lol...

  6. hi,i am olive.Do you still rmb who am i?
    i think u sure forget d..haha..anywhere i will follow and support u,i lik those pic you take^^
    + oil and wish you all the best in ur future^^