Saturday, February 28, 2009

A hasty week

Guess where we are? lolx
wat a new college life with much fun n hapiness...
all ll come to a suprise attack...ANY TIME!
For me...
there no other choices :(
Be a guaizai la...LAM
(TOA students:) u shud noe wat i tr-ing to say)

after talking rubbish
Let you guyz see some pics tat i took at my hostel...
It has been already 2 months
I stay at thr...

This is my room lolx

swimming pool

My housemate raises hamster :)
It jz gave birth to 6 babies

Husband & wife

But they have been eaten up...
their own babies :( in peace

It is eating.
Their mother has no experience at all
kesiannya cute babies

We were stunned by this...

ops..time to do my assignments

Saturday, February 21, 2009


testing testing~~
lolx...this is my 1st time to use this blog
okay..1st of all
clap~~ welcome me lah..haha
hmm...what shud i write~
k..i owaz worry for assignments recently lo
my face quality got steadily worse!
cuz almost work til midnite everyday~
My life is going downhill~...bcoz i believe tat after struggling for years..
i ll saw the light, tat my bright future..
Early one works hard is vitally important mahxD
BITTER !ST BE4 SWEET :) (talk like an old woman...><)
I enjoy my college life..althug i pass my days, my valentines..even bday
with my ASSIGNMENTS...

It worth ok..?!
YES he never ceased to chase after his dream in his vigorous youth.

tata...nightmare ar...
colour brush...running after
6H 4H 2H HB 2B 4B 6B HELP!