Monday, August 17, 2009

The Sorrow In Happiness

There has been a lot of things happen over these eight months.
seems to become older n older...:(
Things which I studied in these past few months are even more than five years ago.
the total time of "LAUGH?SMILE?" is more than last year /even...
maybe more than the 'total. of few year'
when can i listen tis...
i miss u guy's voice...really? YA

Especially the 8 person :D

It sounds as though i had a good time...
but ...

I spent what little time I had with my family.
I think I am very unfair to them.
I've gt a horrible feeling...
I lied to them.
I love u...hahas
cry? nope
IM liar :( i did it few times adi
I appreaciate all you did for me...

"Today mother has not blamed me for anything
she do the same things week after week
she may get bored...n start to complain
what she do? ...why?
need to pay a toll
cramping her hands n legs...(sumthing wrong with her hand n foot for years)
wasting time n take somethings that i left at home for me
from KL to subang...few times only?
Nope...have even more frequency than the instant noodles that i ate.

I always pretend not to notice her face expression
sorry.. i gt alot of assignments n project to fight'
mom..i promised u
i will be home soon..very soon